H G Thomas Mar Athanasios

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H.G. Thomas Mar Athanasios, became the first Metropolitan of the Diocese of Chengannur on 1st August 1985. He is the son of Kizhakkethalakkal Late Aleyamma and K.T. Thomas who was the brother of the great treasure and beauty of Malankara Orthodox Church Geevarugese Mar Philoxinos on 3rd April 1938. His Grace is celebrated as an educationalist, eminent administrator and a pioneer priest in organising congregations in the villages of western India like Andheri and Bandhra in Maharastra,Udhaipur in Rajastan, Vapi, Balsar, Surat, Beruch, Anand, Bhavanagar, Mohsana, Rajgaht, Porbandar, Veravel in Gujarat. His grace founded 7 schools in Gujarat. These schools including The Gujarat Refinery English Medium School are functioning under Trust of the Society of St. ...

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